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AR-CDR Data Use Agreement

Use the form below to gain access to data.

  • Data Requester must complete and submit a Data Request Form using ServiceNow to obtain the minimum necessary data to conduct IRB approved research. Data Requesters who have applied for IRB and received approval need to include the IRB Approval number in the Data Request submission. Data requesters who have not started the IRB approval process can still submit the Data Request Form but data will not be released until IRB approval is obtained.
  • Option, if you have already received approval.
  • Data Requester shall not abstract, use, or disclose the data except as permitted or required by described in an IRB approved protocol. Data Requester cannot use the data to identify or contact any individual who is the subject of the PHI from which the data was created without IRB approval. Data Requester shall report to the IRB Office of any use or disclosure of the data in violation of the IRB Agreement Any non-compliance by Data Requester with this Agreement or IRB Regulations automatically will be considered a breach or violation of this Agreement if Data Requester knew or reasonably should have known of such non-compliance and failed to immediately take reasonable steps to cure the non-compliance. By accepting the data, Data Requester agrees to abide by the restrictions on the use and disclosures of the data as outlined above.