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Starting a Research Study

The Arkansas Clinical Data Repository (AR-CDR) is a research data warehouse that provides a single and secure source of data for use in clinical and translational research, enabling UAMS research investigators to conduct high quality, timely and efficient research studies. The AR-CDR houses data that are extracted from the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and Arkansas Area Health Education Centers (AHECS).

Data Request Process Steps

Step 1 – Estimate a cohort and request data set

    The UAMS cohort estimation tool provided by the AR-CDR is a self-service tool available online to the UAMS research community. Researchers are able to identify a population of interest within the UAMS patient population. This tool allows investigators to better understand the target patient population to aid in the development of a study protocol. To request access and training to the UAMS cohort estimation tool you can submit a request through ServiceNow ( or contact AR-CDR at If you are interested in cohort discovery, please complete the brief (10 minute) online training module (using the button below), then click below to access the UAMS Cohort Estimation tool.

    Request Data through ServiceNow:
    1. Request fully-identifiable data set. This will require IRB approval prior to receiving the data.
    2. Request limited data set.
    3. View the Data Use Agreement

    Apply for IRB Request Data Set Data Use Agreement

    Quick Links
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